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[Consultation]- Hammal[] 2016-03-28 03:30 :Mr
Hello My company CPS-CI Critical procurement & Services will be very happy to sell your products in Ivory Coast , West Africa, where we have many offshore and onshore companies. We would be very pleased to be your local distributor, please advise on the procedure to follow to be your local dealer. Looking forward to hear from you. Kind regards Mr Hammal
[Consultation]- Erhi [] 2015-07-08 04:13 :supply
1. SUPPLY OF 31" 9.3# 13%CR-110 PUP JOINT 6FT (30 Pieces)2. SUPPLY OF 31" CR-110 PUP JOINT 3FT (30 Pieces)3. BLAST JT 31" 9.3# 13% CR-110 20FT (15 Pieces)4. BLAST JT 31" 9.3# 13% CR-110 RTS (15 Pieces)5. PUP JT 31" 9.3# 13CR-110 RTS-8 10FT (20 Pieces)6. PUP JT 31" 9.3# 13CR-110 RTS-8 8FT (20 Pieces)7. BLAST JOINT 31" 9.3# 13%CR-110 RTS-- 8FT (10 Pieces)
[Suggestion]- Anonymous[] 2013-12-03 14:07 :Director
I'm looking for oil well drilling contractors for Iraq
[Suggestion]- Anonymous[] 2012-03-13 10:01 :ad
df adf adsfasdffd
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