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Drilling machine for chain transmission ZJ70


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During the warranty period:

Our company will be responsible for the damages of the products due to the defects in the quality and/or technical malfunctions; the clients should be responsible for the damages of products due to force majeure and /or improper operation by the clients, and our company, in this condition, will be responsible to provide the clients with maintenance service for which the clients need to pay the cost of labor(s) and material(s).

After the expiry of the warranty:

Our company will continue to provide preferential paid service, and we promise to provide spare components as you need with fair price.

Response time:

Please feel free to contact the service personnel of the sales department by phone, E-mail or fax. If the matter is urgent, the service personnel will arrive within the agreed time. Once We get your information, we will immediately respond. If it is necessory in urban, our service personnel will arrive and repair the product within 24 hours (in other regions, it depends on the actual situation) and leave until the problem is solved.

Technical support:

For the clients of my company, we will from time to time send relevant information to them and advice will be provided on the user's requirements.

In addition to regular services, experts from our technical department will be able to provide various support, they can help users to do the development and application of analytical methods.